Hands-on workshops taught in rustic
locations throughout Southern Ontario

A unique baking experience.


.. whole-wheat ..

Memére bakes three loaves of bread
each morn before we rise
and says the yeast she puts inside
will open doughy eyes

her flour's packed with lots of power
to give us energy
and her whole-wheat which we all eat
is golden alchemy

says she likes to add her touch
of secret blended spice
tells us bread is like the earth
each human but a slice

and while I like to butter mine
some have a sweeter tooth
that craves a ton of cinnamon 
like sins we tend to do

that pollutes the nutriment
and ruins all the flavor
when simple home ingredients 
are meant for us to savor

even though we're separate slices
of the same big loaf
Memére says when pieced together
it forms a greater whole  

-White Tiger


Ontario, Canada

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