From 2014-2017, Lauren held the position of Pastry Chef for Peller Estates Winery – the most visited winery in all of North America. She developed a bread and pastry program designed around crafting every detail in house, including baking fresh sourdough bread daily for the restaurant. She received the "Top 30 Under 30" award from the Ontario Hostelry Institute for her work. Lauren now teaches Baking + Pastry at Humber College. 

In the fall of 2017, Lauren took a road trip to Smoke Signals Bakery in Marshall, North Carolina. She spent two weeks working with Tara Jensen (@bakerhands), assisting with her wood-fired baking workshops and absorbing every detail Tara was willing to share about bread, fire, and the stars that make up the universe we call home.

The Workshops are held in unique and rustic locations throughout Southern Ontario,  The Langford Schoolhouse -- a one room schoolhouse built in the 1870s that is nestled amongst the cornfields between Ancaster and Paris, ReFind Salvage..a bright little studio along the grand river, and various quaint spots throughout Brant County. The schoolhouse is being used as a community hub to bring individuals together. This runs in line with what Lauren is hoping to achieve with her workshops: part baking journey, part social experiment. 

Lauren's dream is to have a Baking + Nature Retreat somewhere in the forest, where she will welcome people for adventures in baking, hiking, foraging, and a chance to relax and disconnecting. Each baker who attends her workshops is helping her to gradually reach this goal. 


"Surround yourself with good people, and good things will happen."

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