8" Banneton

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This product listing includes:
- 1 x 8" banneton proofing basket
- A bag of rice flour to season your banneton with the first few times you use it
- A detailed banneton information sheet explaining how to use and care for your new piece of equipment!

A banneton is a rattan basket used to proof your bread in. It helps your bread to keep its shape while it is rising, allows your dough to breathe so that no condensation will form in the bottom the way it does if you are using a bowl and tea towel, and it gives you a decorative pattern on the top of your loaf of bread. I use these banneton regularly for making sourdough -- they have seen quite a few loaves in their day and still look and work great.
Banneton are usually seasoned with rice flour or a 50/50 blend of rice and wheat flour. This listing comes complete with a freshly milled bag of rice flour, as well as detailed instructions on how to season it, and care for it in the years to come.

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